Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oracle SOA Suite 11g: Manipulate the SCA composite name at design time

By default no composite name is set when a SCA composite is executed. For runtime monitoring and tracking purposes it might be useful to set a custom name at design time for your SCA composite.  Especially, when the number of instances increases in production.

By using embedded Java for BPEL components and XPath for Mediator components you are able to manipulate the title of a SCA composite during design time.

XPath for Mediator components:
Use the the following XPath expression in an Assign value dialog when you define a routing rule.

med:setCompositeInstanceTitle(title string)

and use the following target tracking.compositeInstanceTitle.
Note: this property will not appear in the property selection dialog, but can be used though.

Java for BPEL components
Add an Embedded Java activity inside your process flow and add the following function to it:

setCompositeInstanceTitle(title string);

(Ok..here it is my first real blog-posting. Any comments on the layout are welcome)

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Andrea said...

I agree that setting up a custom name will be quite beneficial to track and monitor. I will also try to do the same by following the commands that you have posted above. Thanks for sharing about such a nice and useful option.
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