Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Coherence in Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g: useful tips & links

Since the release of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g the integration of Coherence in the Fusion Middleware has increased drastically with every PatchSet release. Currently in FMW 11g PS2 Coherence is used for:

  • Cluster Deployment

  • Weblogic ActiveCache/Coherence*Web integration

  • OSB ResultCache

This posting will contain useful pointers to documentation section that can help you with managing and using Coherence in FMW 11g...the list is not complete but a first attempt to bundle the links I have used before and which were/are very helpful for me.
Coherence Network and performance tuning

  • Configuration tips fo local laptop configuration - Thanks Marc;

  • use the tangosol.coherence.ttl (time-to-live) to prevent network traffic to different hosts - useful when working locally on laptops.

  • use the tangosol.coherence.localhost to force Coherence to bind to a specific address

  • use the tangosol.coherence.wka to force unicast cluster communication. Determine the wka addresses and the number of wka addresses carefully to avoid loss of service in case the wka nodes die.

  • for the OSB the coherence cache and cluster configuration files can be found in /config/osb/coherence
  • and can be changed accordingly.
  • When encountering Coherence socket buffer warnings in the log files it is useful to increase the socket buffer size of your OS. Please have a look here to find the settings per OS

  • Coherence performance tuning

  • In my opinion it is wise not to use the Managed server JVM for cache storage in case your cache will grow to a significant size. Configure the Managed Server JVM with local-storage false and off-load storage to other cache-servers in the Coherence cluster running in separate JVMs

Active Cache - Coherence*Web

I will update this post when I have more useful information that can be shared. In case of Coherence related questions feel free to send me an email.


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